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Hybrid Larch (Larix Eurolepis)

Hybrid Larch (Larix Eurolepis)


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Larix Eurolepis (Hybrid Larch)- The hybrid larch was first established in Scotland, when two parent trees, the European larch and the Japanese larch were crossed. This lead to a very fast growing conifer which features traits of both parent trees.

Larch has a lot to offer. It is tough and robust, provides strong durable timber and offers fantastic landscape value in the Autumn when its foliage changes to a golden yellow colour. Grows best in mountainous settings in deep, well drained soils. Enjoys full sunlight.


Suitable Soil Conditions

  • Heavy Soil
  • Wet Soil

Suitable Site Conditions

  • Exposed Site

Ultimate Tree Height

  • Up to 40m

Growth Rate

  • Fast