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  • How long will my order take to arrive?

    We will aim to grade, package and ship your order to you within 10 working days of ordering. At certain times of year, this may be longer; for example at the beginning of bare-root season before all varieties are ready for lifting.

  • When are bare-root trees available?

    Bare-root trees are available from November through to May. The exact dates vary from year to year as we depend on a bit of cold weather to trigger the tree's winter dormancy before we can lift them from the field.

  • What are the prices of your products?

    All current prices appear on the website and depends on the total number of items in your basket. You can get a quote for your entire order simply by adding items to your cart, there is no requirement to sign in (though it makes ordering quicker in the future) or commitment to buy. We monitor the stock on our website to ensure it is up to date, so if it does not appear, it is sold out.

  • How much will my order cost to deliver?

    This will be calculated as you add items to your cart. Upon checkout and the entry of your actual delivery address, the cost will be finalised.

  • Do you sell large, potted trees or instant hedging?

    We are primarily a forestry tree nursery, and we therefore grow our stock to a size most desired by that industry. Our standard sizes are a 20/40 (plants graded to between 20cm and 40cm from the top of the roots or the compost plug) or a 40/60. We do not grow anything larger than this, so for feathered, half standard or standard trees you will need to speak to an amenity nursery. It is an accepted fact that planting a smaller, younger tree, due to its ability to establish quickly, will result in more growth in the first few years than planting a larger, older tree. For example, in general a 2-foot rowan planted next to a 5-foot rowan will overtake the larger tree in 3 - 4 years, depending on site conditions.

  • Do you sell fruit trees?

    We do sell native trees that bear fruit, like wild cherry, crab apple and blackthorn, but we do not sell any cultivated fruit tree varieties.