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Site and Soil Suitability

Choosing a tree which matches the site will ensure trees are healthy and grow rapidly.

Our Tree Finder will assist you to match the conditions you have on-site with tree species which will do well.
We, at Christie-Elite Nurseries, take the stance of "The right tree in the right place for the right reasons".

Tree Size and Root to Shoot Ratio

We would always recommend that younger, smaller trees will establish faster and more successfully. However, in certain cases, such as where competing vegetation, beat up, re-stock or a high volume of pests (such as deer) is an issue, then customers may prefer to use a large tree.

Our trees can adapt rapidly to their new environment because they have a balanced root to shoot ratio.

Conifer or Broadleaf

Softwood = conifers

Hardwood = broadleaves

The differences between conifers and broadleaves are that the majority of conifers are evergreen, therefore do not lose their needles in the winter, whereas most broadleaves do lose their leaves during this time. There are some exceptions to the rule, like Larch, as they do loose their needles in the winter.

Environmental Impact

The tree species that we grow are primarily intended to be planted in a sustainably managed environment that will hopefully in time aid and encourage the wildlife and biodiversity value.

Therefore we pride ourselves in growing the best native tree species because of this.

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