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A typical standard native hedging mix would be Hawthorn (70%), Blackthorn (20%), Hazel (5%) and Dog rose (5%).

Hawthorn provides the main structure in a hedge ‐ it provides the first flowers of spring, therefore, producing food for early pollinators and as it's a hardy woody shrub species it can tolerate most climatic conditions. This main species is normally supplemented with Blackthorn (sloes to put in your gin!) and rose (e.g Dog Rose, Rananus Rose or Guelder Rose) but can also be enriched with a number of other minor species; Holly (ilex), Wild Apple (Malus sylvestris) Beech (Fagus sylvaticus) etc.

When planting your hedge we would advise 6 plants per metre 16-20 apart, planted in two staggered rows around 30cm apart. To make sure the hedge gets established well it may be necessary to fertilise and control weeds, It may also be necessary to protect your plants from browsing wildlife for which we would recommend the use of spiral guards and canes.

Prepare your site well; remember that the hedge will be in place for a long time.

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