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Planting Your Gift Tree


If you have just received your gift tree, you should start thinking about where you might like to plant it.  You can plant your tree at any time of the year, but the best time is during the winter when the tree is asleep.  This will cause the least disruption to the plant as it is dormant.


Planting Steps

We have compiled a 6-step guide to help you plant your gift tree:

  1. Find a suitable space that suits your tree's preferred planting conditions.
  2. Create a slit in the soil with a spade (known as notch planting).
  3. Remove the tree from the bag and carefully insert the root cell into the slit up to the root collar (the margin at which the roots meet the stem).
  4. Ensure that the roots are pointing downward and spread out.
  5. Carefully push the slit closed and firm the soil around the tree.
  6. Enjoy your beautiful tree!

If you cannot plant your tree straight away, do not worry. Provided it is kept in a cold and dry place and out of direct sun, your tree will last up to six weeks in its bag.



It is important not to plant the tree too deep or too shallow and not to compact the soil too hard which might damage the root system. Keep the trees bagged until you are ready to plant as drying can quickly desiccate the fine roots.

If they are not to be planted immediately, stand them upright and ensure the soil does not dry out.
When it is time to plant simply create a notch as with the bare-root tree and gently insert the cell into the notch up to the level of the root collar (where the stem meets the soil) then firm the soil around the plant.


    Planting Conditions

    Unless conditions are extremely dry there should be enough moisture in the soil so additional watering should not be necessary. On dry sites or in particularly dry weather it would be advisable to water the trees but this is only necessary for the first few weeks. As each tree has its own unique requirements, please see your tree's specific preferred planting conditions.



    A small amount of fertiliser can be applied. 1kg bag feeds 100 trees.

    Remember that too much can be just as much of a problem as too little!



    Until your trees are properly established it is essential to keep them as weed free as possible. Vegetation around your tree will compete for water and nutrients as well as blocking light and physically damaging the young tree. Weeds can be controlled using herbicide, removed by hand or by using mulch or mats around the base of the tree. Typically, we would recommend controlling weeds within 1m of the newly planted tree, at least until the root system is established and the height of the tree is above competing vegetation.



    It is important to protect your new trees from damaging wildlife until they are properly established. Christie-Elite supply a range of accessories to protect plants from deer, rabbits, hares and voles.