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Beech - Tree of love and patience


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Key features

Tree of love and patience, beech is known as the ‘Queen of British trees’ and is often associated with femininity.  It has great ornamental value as it has a thin, straight trunk and light grey bark. It grows glossy leaves which turn from bright to dark green. Beech is also the most frequently chosen species to plant as commemorative trees. Beech is also excellent for hedging.


Preferred planting conditions

Beech planted in suitable conditions is 'maintenance-free' and does not require watering (except when freshly planted), winter covering or protective treatments. It is an excellent choice for people who want a beautiful garden, but without a lot of work.



Each tree comes with a beautiful card, hand-illustrated by the very person who grew these trees.  The card includes details of growing conditions and information about the tree species, with a blank page to allow you to hand-write or leave a printed message for your loved one.


Gifting inspiration

Beech would make a great gift for the inspirational person in your life. This beautiful tree also makes a great wedding or commemorative gift.



Price includes delivery. Gift trees will be delivered in 3-5 working days upon receipt of the order.


NOTE: Deciduous gift trees (beech, oak, rowan and sycamore) delivered between October and May will not have leaves as they are now dormant during this time. The tree is still perfectly healthy, it is just asleep, and it will regrow its bright, glossy foliage again in the spring.  These trees actually prefer to be planted during this period, so it is the best time to gift!