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Eared Willow (Salix aurita)

Eared Willow (Salix aurita)


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The name of this willow comes from the small stipules opposite each leaf which resemble small ears. This is a shrub reaching up to 3m in height. As with most willows, this species is a good choice for a wet or boggy site. Once mature it is typically rounded and bushy in shape, with multiple stems spreading out at, or near, ground level. The bark is grey and smooth, although in older individuals there can be large cracks or splits running longitudinally on the stems.

Suitable Soil Conditions

  • Acid Soil
  • Alkali Soil
  • Heavy Soil
  • Wet Soil
  • Very Wet Soil

Suitable Site Conditions

  • Exposed Site
  • Shaded Site

Ultimate Tree Height

  • 10 - 20m

Growth Rate

  • Fast