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Rowan - Tree of courage and protection


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Key features

Known as the tree of courage and protection, the rowan is believed to ward off evil spirits in Celtic folklore.  It is a fast-growing, small tree that forms straight, slender, smooth (slightly cracked in old trees) covered with grey bark. The leaves covering the shoots are broad-pointed and pinnate and are composed of 9-17, sessile leaves. In autumn they turn from deep green to beautiful shades of yellow, orange and red.  It also produces bright red berries which birds love to feed on.


Preferred planting conditions

The rowan is an undemanding and tolerant tree, great for those looking for a low-maintenance addition to the garden or woodland. It grows best in sunny positions and fertile, well-drained, slightly moist soils, but it will also do well in partial shade and in weak or even sandy soil. It does not tolerate shade and wet, heavy soil. However, it is completely frost-resistant and tolerates polluted air well.



Each tree comes with a beautiful card, hand-illustrated by the very person who grew these trees.  The card includes details of growing conditions and information about the tree species, with a blank page to allow you to hand-write or leave a printed message for your loved one.


Gifting inspiration

Makes a great gift for friends or loved ones moving into a new home or the birth of a child.



Price includes delivery. Gift trees will be delivered in 3-5 working days upon receipt of the order.


NOTE: Deciduous gift trees (beech, oak, rowan and sycamore) delivered between October and May will not have leaves as they are now dormant during this time. The tree is still perfectly healthy, it is just asleep, and it will regrow its bright, glossy foliage again in the spring.  These trees actually prefer to be planted during this period, so it is the best time to gift!