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Scots Pine (Pinus sylvestris)

Scots Pine (Pinus sylvestris)


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Pinus Sylvestris, commonly called Scots Pine, is native to Britain. When young, this tree typically grows quite quickly. The upper trunk and branches orange-brown, developing a picturesque , irregular outline with maturity.

The wood has been an important part of the timber industry since 1600's as it's uses range from telegraph poles to furniture.

The Scots pine is a tall, straight pine tree with distinctive orange-brown, scaly bark. Its blue-green needles appear in pairs and can be up to 7cm long. Male cones are yellow and female cones are green, maturing to grey-brown; pine cones range from 3-7.5cm long.

Suitable Soil Conditions

  • Dry Soil
  • Wet Soil

Suitable Site Conditions

  • Exposed Site
  • Coastal Site

Ultimate Tree Height

  • 20 metres+

Growth Rate

  • Fast